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Leader Group
  • CEO
    CEO picture
    S e a n

    Lee, Won Seop

    SW engineer, Samsung Electronics Business and Technology Management, KAIST Economics, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 부사장
    CSO picture
    K a n g

    Kang, Min Sung

    Palo Alto Investment, US, Head of Korea SK Bioscience New Business Dev team, Manager Korea University Finance MBA
  • CSO
    AI Engineer00 picture
    L e e

    Lee, Hee Yong

    Samsung SDS, Digital Finance Consulting team, Senior Engineer Shinhan Finance group, Digital Strategy, Associate Director Korea University GSCIT M.S. Korea University Business Administration B.A.
  • CTO
    CIO picture
    M i c h a e l

    Kim, Bo Hyung

    Samsung Electronics, Memory SW Dev Team Seoul National University, CSE M.S. Korea University, CS, B.S.
  • CFO
    CFO picture
    M a t t

    Kim, Byung Chan

    KHPI, Office of Planning, Senior Officer (Grade 4) Law LL.M, Northwestern Univ Master of Intellectual Property, KAIST
  • AI R&D Team Leader
    AI R&D Team Leader picture
    Y u n

    Yoon, Jung Seok

    Samsung Electronics, Memory SW Dev Team , Chief SW engineer Southern California Univ. CSE M.S.
  • Planning Team Leader
    CFO picture
    P a r k

    Park, Jung Sun

    Samsung Electronics, C-LAB Samsung Electronics, Product planning Samsung Electronics, Engineer
  • AI Vision Team Leader
    AI Vision Team Leader picture
    D a n i e l

    Kang, Dongyeon

    Samsung SDS, Vision AI Tech. Advisor Indiana University Bloomington, Informatics B.S.
  • AI Team Leader
    AI Team Leader picture
    K a n g

    Park, Gangin

    Samsung Electronics C-LAB AI Project Intern Seoul National University, ECE