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Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is a platform that aggregates and supplies the collected / generated data by CN.AI in one place The collected data is supplied with labeling automation according to the customer's requirements or standard of the medical domain expert.

Client’s Real Data Open Source CN Data Generation Private Data Public Data Synthetic Data LabelingAutomation DataStandardization AI “Data Warehouse”

Data Processing Service

We have modulized solutions for each stage of data processing. When a client requests a quote through the WEB page, AI experts of CN.AI select suitable modules for the Client’s Data condition and calculate a quote.

  • Pre-Processing
  • Labeling Automation (Preparing)
    • Image Data Synthesis
    • RNA Data Synthesis
    • Restore
    • Super Resolution
    • 3D Converting
    • MODULE
    • Image Data Synthesis images
    • Image Data Synthesis images
    • RNA Data Synthesis images
    • Restore images
    • Super Resolution images
    • 3D Converting images
    Customer Data Analysis Module Selection Quote Calculation Contract Promotion

CN.AI Vision Engine